Judge: No new trial for Sandusky

A judge has denied Jerry Sandusky’s bid for a new trial on child sexual abuse charges, The Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Judge John Foradora also refused a request to dismiss the charges against Sandusky, the AP said.

The former Penn State University assistant football coach’s lawyers said they planned to appeal the decision to the Superior Court.

“The court’s decision is not the end of Jerry’s case, it is only the closing of a chapter which we need to go through in the course of our endeavor to obtain a new trial, a reversal of his conviction, and ultimately his release and vindication,” said defense attorney Al Lindsay.

Sandusky, 73, has maintained his innocence. He said he didn’t receive adequate representation and that more details of the victims’ stories should have been disclosed.

“Although he was denied access to the victims’ psychological records, Sandusky was permitted to call witnesses to explore whether the victims had undergone repressed memory therapy prior to trial, and he did explore that subject” with victims and other witnesses, Foradora wrote.

Sandusky is serving a 30- to 60-year sentence, the AP said.