Judge approves Ennis’ change of counsel

Judge approves Ennis’ change of counsel

In a hearing on Friday afternoon, Spokane County Superior Court Judge Maryann Moreno approved a change of counsel request from Gordon Ennis, the former Spokane Police sergeant convicted of second-degree rape earlier this spring.

At Ennis’ scheduled sentencing hearing in April, he moved to change lawyers- asking the court to approve Mark Vovos to represent him for sentencing and appeal. Vovos represented John Gately during Ennis’ trial. Gately, a former president of the Police Guild was a state’s witness who invoked his Fifth Amendment right and did not testify. He was also charged with and tried for criminal assistance involving this case- but a jury deadlocked.

The hearing Friday was set to allow the court to determine whether or not a conflict of interest would exist, if Vovos were to represent Ennis.

Judge Moreno did not find a conflict, and approved the substitution.

Ennis’ sentencing has been set for June 8.