Journey to India with the “Bollywood Melodies” concert

Journey to India with the “Bollywood Melodies” concert

Spokane Ghana, a group of Indian vocalists, are putting everything into their first show; that goes for outfits, staging and the singing. And if it’s anything like their dress rehearsal, it will be a real treat!

For months, they’ve been practicing at each other’s houses. KXLY 4 News caught up with them as they took rehearsals to the South Hill; just blocks from where they will perform, the Southside Senior Center.

If not for the signs, and problems on the wall, you would second guess you were at Mathnesium. For the Saturday night dress rehearsal, this math-tutoring hub was transformed in to a Bollywood stage.
While the Spokane Ghana singers may live in the US, their passion is for the melodies of their birthplace.

Singer Smita Medhi said, “big, big, big role in any culture in India. You can talk about weddings, ceremonies, rituals – music goes along with that.”

Smita is a member who feels lucky to have found this group. She moved here nine months ago from Orlando; knowing no one but eager to sing.

“It’s very important. Those are my roots. And, i think it’s why I’m here,” she added.

At a festival, she met Sri, equally as passionate, and trying to grow Spokane Ghana.

“We wanted to have the local talent to be built and nurtured and have them grow,” said Sri Purohith.

Maybe Smita, was the missing piece.

For months since their meeting, Smita, Sri and 10 other members, practice for six hours a week and finally their efforts are paying off.

Saturday, June 16 is their first show, and already they are expecting a crowd of over 150.

“Bollywood Melodies,” the concert, is the just the beginning for this tight-knit group that is growing in to something far greater: a home away from home.

“We are already considering each other as family. So this is great that we have people who are on the same page who like music and like to sing,” added Smita.

The concert will take place at 4 p.m. at the Southside Senior Center. Admission is free. Refreshments will be served from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.