Johnny 5: Flip Video Camera

Over the years, I’ve seen video cameras and gadgets alike slim down in size. From cell phones going from brick to flip and laptops that wouldn’t fit in your lap to ones that are about the size of small book.

Most of the time, the smaller siblings have features or ease of use that are lacking. However in the case of a flip video camera from Pure Technologies, despite being small it’s head and shoulders – or maybe should I say lens and microphone – above the rest.

Pure’s flip video camera is one of the smartest and most logical I’ve seen in awhile. The company really didn’t miss a beat when considering how people would want to use this 4.5 oz video camera.

Its small form factor is such that you can easily carry it in a pocket or handbag, also easy is using the Flip. Only 4 buttons and a 4-way control are needed to access any control within the camera and they all make sense. Power, record, play and delete, can it get easier than that?

While this camera isn’t meant for full feature vacation trips, it is perfect for birthday parties, a day at the lake or catching the first steps of your little one. What’s even better is how easily you can share your video.

The Flip was made with YouTube and sharing with friends and family worldwide via the net in mind, as it shoots in small resolution (640×480) but a full 30 frames per second.

Once you have your recorded shot, just extend the built-in USB connection and plug it into your computer. A popup screen will ask you what you want to do and here comes the neat part. All of your editing software is built in. Select the option to “View your Flip camcorder videos using the program provided on the device.”

Within a few minutes you’ve got a small easy-to-use editing studio with features that allow you to share strait to YouTube or email to friends.

The price for the Ultra model I proudly own is $179.99.