Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take the same train

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Consider it the 2020 corridor.

Longtime noted Amtrak traveler Joe Biden ran into a familiar 2020 contender on the train today: Sen. Kamala Harris of California.

The pair’s chance encounter was captured — and promptly tweeted — by members of Harris’ team.

This isn’t the first time Biden and Harris have had a chance encounter (which was also then captured for Twitter). The two crossed paths — literally — in Washington, DC, in December.

While they are certainly friendly now, the two could one day face off on the Democratic presidential debate stage.

That is, if Biden decides to run. He’s still in decision-making mode, though he recently said he was “closer” to a decision than he was before Christmas. If he does decide to enter the ever-growing Democratic fray, he’d have strong support from Democrats. Among Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters, 62% say they’d support Biden’s candidacy, according to a recent CNN poll.

Harris made her 2020 run official on January 21.