James Craig Remembered As Loving, Dedicated

SPOKANE – A memorial service honoring Sgt. James Craig was held Saturday afternoon at Fourth Memorial Church in north Spokane, where he was honored as a man of God, family and country.

Sgt. Craig was killed January 28th in Mosul, Iraq when a roadside bomb destroyed the vehicle he and four other soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division were riding in.

Family, friends, loved ones, miltary men and women and veterans all gathered the church to honor Sgt. Craig’s short but very full life.

James Edward Craig was one of five children and the only son born to Joel and Phyllis Craig.

“My son is enjoying glorious amounts of pleasure in the presence of Jesus Christ right now,” said Joel Craig.

He was a smart kid who was a part of the National Honor Society in high school. He was flooded with college scholarship offers, but it wasn’t until the U.S. military came knocking on his door that he knew where he was supposed to go. Sgt. Craig told his family it’s where God wanted him to go.

“Soldiers would call almost every night to ask for advice or wisdom,” said John Repsold, Sgt. Craig’s pastor. “He always had time for them, and he was never afraid to tell them about Jesus. Jim did it in a very natural way. It was just a part of who he was.”

Sgt. Craig’s family and friends spoke of his intense integrity and his love for God, his family and his country.

“He taught me so much with his life about sacrifice, love, faith, courage and joy,” said his sister Menesia.

He also left behind a bride, 23-year-old Natalie. He died the day before their six-month wedding anniversary. She says everything James did was to bring glory to God.