James Brown Auction Shatters Estimates

NEW YORK — The medical bracelet that the late soul singer James Brown wore before his death in 2006 has fetched $32,500 at auction in New York.

That’s more than 100 times what was expected. Bidding for more than 300 lots of Brown’s belongings has far outstripped pre-auction estimates. The winning bidder for the medical bracelet is band leader Paul Shaffer of the “Late Show with David Letterman.”

Other items attracting five-figure bids were a jumpsuit embellished with studs spelling “GFOS,” for “Godfather of Soul,” and elaborate capes Brown often wore during his shows. The jumpsuit went for $25,000, and the capes for $35,000 and $47,500.

All together, the auction brought in almost $858,000.

Brown’s estate is mired in turmoil and contention. Family members tried to block the auction.