‘It’s scary’: Spokane Valley teen’s car stolen from outside home while warming up

SPOKANE, Wash. — A Spokane teen’s car was returned after being stolen from outside their home last week.

It was a typical school day for Eli Williams. He went outside to warm up his car and just went inside to grab his backpack and his brother, and in a matter of a few minutes his car was gone.

“Now, it’s kind of like you look outside your house. It was like 50 feet outside of your house, and someone steals your car it’s kind of unnerving, it’s scary,” Paula Williams said.

The Williams family is asking for the community’s help to catch the thief. The son’s car is a 2009 gold Honda Accord with Washington plate AXT5277.

“Eli spent a lot of time earning that car, he maintained a 3.5 GPA. He’s a star athlete, and now the car is gone and I feel like he’s done so good with maintaining his cool,” Williams said.

Williams says someone notified her about a video on a Facebook group of a robbery in north Spokane. She believes her son’s car was involved. The dash cam video doesn’t show the car but the driver names of the description and plate number.

“Of course, a gold Honda 2009, and it was the same license plate, so the guy was caught on camera running out of Burlington and I don’t know who took the footage but it was pretty good dash cam,” Williams said.

Some may not know about a Washington law that makes it’s actually illegal to leave your car running on the street. If it’s in your driveway, it’s a risk you take.

“People are breaking windows getting into cars another thing we encourage is if you’re going to be leaving your car running, which we don’t encourage but also take out valuables from your car,” public information officer Spokane Police Department Jacquie Valencia said.

If you see Eli’s car on the street, call Crime Check at (509)-456-2233.

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