‘It’s just frightening’: Family in Chief Garry Park area ready to move after Monday’s shooting

SPOKANE, Wash. – A Spokane woman received a call she never hoped to on Monday. 

Her son called to say he heard gunshots and instead of children playing in her neighborhood, she drove home to find police lights. 

Spokane Police shot and killed a man they say was holding a knife to a baby. The circumstances around the situation are not clear, but it’s something Angela Boone says is enough to make her want to move. 

“I rushed back here, and the whole neighborhood was taped off. And I had to get clearance from some of the officers to be able to come up to the doorway. And then as I come up to the doorway, then there’s blood on the door handle which was very disgusting to see,” Boone said. 

The shooting happened at a duplex on E. Desmet, just blocks away from Stone Park. People who live in the neighborhood say it’s not the best but does not have this kind of crime. 

“Vehicles are broken into and sometimes other property is damaged and, or stolen. And so, I’ve heard this isn’t the best neighborhood, but from what I’ve seen, it’s a lot of families around here. And it seems like it’s safe,” Boone said. 

Boone’s 12-year-old stepson was home by himself for the first time when the shooting happened. When she found out what happened, she feared for the future. 

“Having a child here, it’s just frightening. We hope that adults don’t ever behave that way, but it’s really scary having it be so close to home,” Boone said. 

Her stepson heard gunshots and now, this may be the push for her family to move. 

“I can tell that he was shaken so that’s even why I’m home today and saying ‘You know, we’re going to figure something out,’” Boone said. 

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