‘It’s become a pain’: Couple living in RV grateful for lifted restrictions on home construction

Governor Jay Inslee took the first step toward reopening the state on Friday. 

That’s when he told construction workers they can head back to the job site, though with strict safety protocols in place. The news is a huge relief for people building homes right now. 

That includes one couple stuck living in their RV. 

Adam and Tiffany Brown just want to move into their new home in Greenacres- but it’s not quite ready. 

Construction has been put on hold for several weeks. 

“It’s become a pain,” said Adam Brown. “We’ve been expecting it to push us back maybe another month, two, maybe even three.”

Finally, on Friday morning, some good news. 

“We have found a way to safely allow low-risk construction that is underway to resume,” said Inslee. 

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Job sites will look different. The Governor worked with construction unions and health experts to create a 30-point safety plan. 

Workers will have their temperature checked at the beginning of each shift and must wear masks, gloves, and eye protection at all times and practice social distancing. 

Shared tools are to be disinfected, and supervisors must keep a daily log of all workers and visitors and their contact information. 

If workers do not follow these safety rules, Governor Inslee says entire job sites will be shut down. The Department of Labor and Industries will be investigating reports of health and safety violations. 

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