‘It’s a very big deal’: Spokane native headed to the U.N. Climate Change Conference

SPOKANE, Wash.– The world will come together in a few days to tackle climate change and a Spokane native will have a seat at the table.

Heading into the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scottland, there is a lot of expectation for crucial decisions to be made to protect our environment. A Spokane native will be there in person to see it all unfold.

A very unique opportunity happened for Nate Beine. He heard from a professor there was a way to apply and a part of a Christian Climate Observer’s Program. 

Beine went through various interviews, discussing his vocational goals, and how’s he’s been involved environmentally in Spokane– and he was selected! He’s hoping to take the lessons he learns during his time there to help figure out how he can implement change within our community following that.

“It will be incredible just to get there and see the decisions that are being made on the world stage,” Beine explained.

He’s been studying biology and environmental studies at Whitworth for just over three years.

“It’s cool too. I’ll get the chance to interact with a lot of people from all around who are going to be there for this conference,” Beine said.

Next week, he’ll be rubbing shoulders with world leaders making game-changing decisions to protect our planet.

“Going, see what’s happening, bearing witness and coming back, especially within our personal faith communities, and the communities were kind of plugged in with, and sharing how we can get involved in helping to mitigate this crisis.” Beine feels that inspiring action as a Christian grants him a unique and special platform to create change.

“I am called by God to be a caretaker for creation, first and foremost, and to love my neighbor as myself,” Beine said.

A big part of that is bringing ideas, insight, and education back to our community.

“Loving thy neighbor as they self is making sure I’m limiting my contribution to this and learning ways that we can help people through these changes our world is facing,” Beine explained.

He’s already made commitments for how he’ll do that upon his return.

“I’ll be sharing with a couple of classes here at Whitworth, as well as the environmental club,” Beine said.

Beyond that, he’ll be doing more communication within the community to share lessons and he hopes to connect with City Council on how he can help implement change.

“It’s a very big deal. I am incredibly honored to get this opportunity and very excited about it,” Beine said.

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