It was fun while it lasted! No more showers or thunderstorms in the forecast. – Kris

Desperately needed rain was a welcome inconvenience for most of us today.  Although, you might be a little low on sleep after the thunderstorms last night. This evening, the showers have come to an end in most locations, and they won’t be back anytime soon.  Sleep peacefully!  Wednesday will be gorgeous.  Expect blue skies, sunshine and temperatures right in the comfort zone: mid 70s.  It would be a great day to mow the lawn, walk the dog and get some other chores done before it gets MUCH warmer on Thursday.

Wednesday Planner    4 Things To Know

As high pressure builds this week, our temperatures will climb.  Highs will jump almost 10 degrees for Thursday.  Once we are into the 80s, that is where we will stay through a sunny weekend.  Right now, it looks like we might be back up in the 90s by this time next week.

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