Is all this rain enough to alleviate fears of a continued drought?

SPOKANE, Wash. – The Inland Northwest has seen its fair share of rain and thunderstorms over the past few weeks. 

But, is all this rain enough to alleviate fears of a continued drought? 

In some cases, the answer is yes. But, we have a long summer to go. 

The U.S. Drought Information System shows the intensity of drought across the country using a five-category system. This system ranges from “abnormally dry” or D0 to “exceptional drought” or D4. 

The system currently shows Spokane as “abnormally dry” with some areas being classified as “moderate drought” (D1). 

Areas in orange show severe drought (D3); the kind that is already affecting corn and wheat crops. It also brings with it the likelihood of more fires. That makes up about 17 percent of Washington state; all of it just west of Spokane.

Fortunately, no areas are in severe or exceptional drought conditions right now. 

Idaho Drought

Idaho is in much better shape drought-wise so far this year. The Panhandle is mostly abnormally dry, with the concerning areas being further south.

Most of the state is still considered dry, but local mountains are in good shape with all of the rain and snow that have fallen so far this year. 

Take a deeper look at the maps here.