Ironman Athletes Get Help From CDA Family

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — Ironman athletes often train for hours at a time, in the middle of nowhere, without a place to stop and rest or get a snack for miles. The Fuller family however is changing that.

With out a cloud in the sky, elite athletes ride along Rimrock Road, getting a feel for the course before race day.

Steve Fraser is training for Ironman Canada. He stopped by the Fuller pit stop, to show his training buddy, Ron Evanson.

“Oh, it’s just really nice, to be out here on a bike ride, nice to have a little extra water. We carry a couple bottles, it’s always nice to be able to fill them up,” said Evanson.

The Fuller family started the refreshment stand last year, offering just water. But this year, with the help of donations, athletes can pick up a Power Bar, Energy Goo, Gatorade, even sunscreen, all for free.

“I think it’s great, it’s really a nice gesture on their part, It’s my understanding the gentleman who owns the house is doing the Ironman for the first time, which is great,” said Fraser.

Matt Fuller, who lives here, was so inspired by the athletes last year, he’s now training to compete in his first Ironman next week.

So many Ironman athletes are grateful for the Fuller family, in fact there’s a book on the table outside their home full of signatures and little notes athletes have left behind. One even writes the family saved his life.