Iraqi Shiite Worshippers Attacked, Three Die

BAGHDAD (AP) — Two suicide bombers have attacked a Shiite mosque after prayers Friday in a city in northwestern Iraq.

Insurgents are making a stand in the city of Tal Afar after seeing their influence diminish in Baghdad.

At least three people are dead and 17 hurt.

The mayor says the first bomber threw a grenade at worshippers before blowing himself up. A few minutes later a second attacker ran toward the aftermath of the explosion, but police opened fire before he reached the people.

One officer says the man blew himself up without causing any casualties.

Friday’s attack comes as the U.S. military and Iraqis are offering differing accounts of raids earlier this week in the region. Americans say six insurgents were killed. But local police and an eyewitness say the dead included two women and four others who abandoned al-Qaida last year and had been allied with Americans.