Internet campaigning for Nicole Kidman Emmy win

The love for “Big Little Lies” continues.

In this case, it’s coming in the form of the Internet advocating for Nicole Kidman to win an Emmy.

The actress was part of a star-studded cast of the HBO limited series, which included Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Alexander Skarsg������rd, Zo������ Kravitz and Laura Dern.

Kidman’s portrayal of an abused wife and mother navigating life in Monterey Bay, California, has many fans proclaiming that she needs to win an Emmy in September.

TV Guide writer Tim Surette wrote a piece titled “Big Little Lies: Just Give Nicole Kidman Her Emmy Now.”

“Come Emmy time — depending on who submits themselves where — Kidman will have the usual competition from actresses in limited series such as ‘Fargo’ and ‘American Crime’ (‘American Crime Story’ is skipping a year), but based on her performance in ‘Big Little Lies’ and this scene in particular, she should be the one holding a trophy at the end of the night,” Surette wrote.

And there’s the rub.

The competition for outstanding lead actress in a limited series or movie is sure to be intense.

In addition to any of her co-stars, other potential nominees include Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon from “Feud,” Felicity Huffman from “American Crime” and Carrie Coon from “Fargo.”

Kidman told Time that she and Witherspoon (who both served as executive producers on the series) “were frustrated that we weren’t being offered the roles that had that complexity.”

Kidman said doing the series taught her how much quality TV is currently on the air — and the need for more. “There are so many shows,” she said. “And there are good shows. But there aren’t shows for women about women. And that’s kinda crazy.”