Inland Northwest to hit triple-digit temperatures this week

SPOKANE, Wash. — I hope you’re a fan of the warm weather, because it’s about to get toasty across the Inland Northwest!


We’re starting the week off strong with temperatures reaching the 90s in Spokane. Temperatures will be slightly cooler along the Idaho Panhandle, with temperatures reaching the upper 80s.  If you live in Lewiston, expect to reach the triple digits!

We have a slight disturbance moving in Tuesday night, bringing us gusty winds and slightly cooler temperatures. It will be short-lived though. We’ll be back in the triple digits by the time the weekend rolls around.


According to the National Weather Service, this next week will bring some of the hottest temperatures we’ve seen since 2015.

Make sure to stay up to date with the latest fire conditions, check on the elderly and young kids, and of course — water, water, water! Stay safe.