Inland Northwest Behavioral Health celebrates new children’s unit


SPOKANE, Wash. — The Inland Northwest is growing, and so is the need for mental health help. One psychiatric hospital has been helping adults, and is now ready to help children, too.

Doors opened at the Inland Northwest Behavioral Health in the fall of 2018 to help adults. For years, they’ve been planning to help children and now it’s about to happen. The hospital will have 25 beds for children ages 13 to 17.

They currently have 75 beds for adults.

A ribbon cutting was held Tuesday to celebrate the expansion. Attendees said that this new unit was much needed. Right now, Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital is able to help around 20 kids with mental health issues.

Now with this new unit at Inland Northwest Behavioral Health, there will be double the help for kids in Eastern Washington.

Dr. Dirk Dhossche, the child and adolescent unit director, said he’s learned to be patient and persistent when helping the young.

“If young people experience severe mental health problems at some point in their life, at some time, there are treatments for most condition. There is hope and this is what has taught me to be hopeful about the future,” he said.

The hospital hopes to give its patients a “home-like environment” and focus on deescalation when helping them. Doctors will be using recreational therapy like arts and crafts, joining different groups and more to help the kids.

Dr. Kamaljit Floura, the chief medical officer for the hospital, said no referral is needed for kids to get help there.

They hope to start taking patients within the next two weeks for inpatient services. Outpatient services will start in the summer.

“There will be a continuum of care from the inpatient to the outpatient and then graduate to the community. That’s our ultimate goal,” Dr. Floura said.

To learn more about Inland Northwest Behavioral Health, visit their website here.

There are a number of resources out there to help someone who might need mental health help. Visit Spokane Cares’ website to learn more.