Infiniti QX Inspiration concept hints at electric SUV

Infiniti showed off its ideas for an electric-powered SUV Monday at the North American International Auto Show.

The car is called the QX Inspiration Concept, since all Infiniti SUV names start with the letters QX. Unlike the Infiniti SUVs you can buy today, this one is solely electric-powered.

The push toward electrification is becoming increasingly common among all car makers, and Infiniti is no exception. The company has stated that it plans to offer only hybrids and fully electric cars starting with the 2021 model year.

As for the QX Inspiration Concept, the vehicle is just that: a concept. However, Infiniti managers say they hope to draw on the open, airy feeling of the concept car when they make their first fully electric SUV for consumers.

As a side note, the car almost didn’t make it to the stage. An undisclosed issue with the concept prevented it from driving up on stage for the official media unveiling. The car did make it to the stage later, though it did not appear to be powered up.