Infamous Headbutting Wrestler Back In Jail

SPOKANE – A Cheney man made infamous for video showing him headbutting a referee during a high school wrestling match now faces a felony assault charge for stabbing his wife.

Chad Hilderbrandt, 30, was arrested in April on a first degree assault charge after allegedly stabbing his wife in the upper thigh. Hilderbrandt’s wife told detectives with the sheriff’s office that her husband had accused her of appearing in pornographic movies. She claimed Hilderbrandt was trying to stab her in the vagina.

Hilderbrandt made national news back in 1996 when he attacked a man refereeing his high school wrestling match in Colville. Chad Hilderbrandt had just been pinned by his opponent but then shoved the West Valley athlete after the match was over.

Referee Bob West had turned to inform Hilderbrant’s coach that he was deducting a penalty point when Hilderbrandt head butted West in the temple. West dropped to the wrestling mat. Paramedics say West stopped breathing for 10 seconds and was unconscious for four to five minutes.

Hilderbrandt later pleaded guilty to fourth degree assault and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Prosecutors in Hilderbrandt’s upcoming first degree assault trial are seeking an exceptional sentence because of the defendant’s egregious lack of remorse. Hilderbrandt is also suspected of trying to intimidate a witness in the case and may have been recorded making threats on a Spokane County Jail telephone.

Hildebrandt is being held on a $200,000 bond. He is scheduled to go to trial next month.