Indians Have As Much Fun At Camp As The Kids

SPOKANE — The Spokane Indians have been on a tear this season, as their lead in the Nortwest League East is five games. But they still put some extra practice time in to help area youngsters improve.

It’s definitely “minor” league baseball. Over 150 kids, some as young as four, learning from the best in Spokane how to play the game.

“I’ve been running the bases, doing infield, doing outfield and hitting practice,” said Zach Santos.

For at least a dozen years, the Spokane Indians have put on their teaching caps for these afternoon clinics. They take place twice a year, and all it costs is a ticket to the night’s contest. While it might technically be considered work, it’s all fun for the players.

“It’s great. Any opportunity you have to give back to the kids is great,” says Indians catcher Zach Zaneski. “When I was a little kid, I looked up to minor league guys like us and it’s the least I could do.”

“Guys that aren’t even supposed to do it just go out there and do it,” says Spokane manager Tim Hulett, “because they like hanging with the kids, so this is a geat group.”

Four-year-old Emily Scazik got her chores done early so she could come to the camp.

“I helped my mom make my bed,” she said.

Just like the rest of the kids, she made friends with the players and fell even more in love with baseball.

“What’s your favorite part about playing baseball?” she’s asked.

“Everything,” she responds.

That’s the great part of the afternoon. Everyone is doing something the love. It’s truly “minor” league baseball at its best.