Indians Coming Together, Expect Big Things

SPOKANE — The Spokane Indians are just four games into a very long baseball season. So what can we expect from this team?

It’s a new season for the Indians, and they’re excited that it has started.

“Great,estatic,” says outfielder Jared Bolden when asked how he felt on Opening Night. “You know, I’ve never really played in front of a crowd this big.”

And with a new season comes a new roster with a wide range of experience.

“This year’s team, for one, is a little bit more mature,” says Indians manager Tim Hulett, Sr. “Even though it’s still a young team, we’ve got a lot of young pitchers, but our position players are a little bit older. They come from programs that are college programs that are big time programs..”

Even for the former collge players, everything is different in the minors, from the bigger crowds to the wooden bats.

“Crowds are going to be here,” says outfielder Eric Fry. “You can’t stop the crowd from coming so you just have to do what you’ve got to do.”

“You’re not going to get away with the same thing you get away with when you’re playing college ball with the alumunium bat,” Bolden says, “’cause the same swings you use there, if you use here your bat is snapped in half.”

“Technique isn’t the only thing these players need to get used to.

“Probably just need more chemistry, probably,” Fry says, “because everybody’s just meeting each other, everybody is just getting to know each other and, you know, new players , like I said, just coming in. So, we just got to combine as one and we’ll do a lot better.”

So with the chemistry eventually growing and the players skills improving, Hulett says there is pleanty of reason for this team to compete at the top, and even win a championship.