Indian Trail Elementary teachers visit students with ‘teacher parade’

SPOKANE, Wash. — It’s been difficult for some teachers being away from their students. On Wednesday, Indian Trail teachers got creative to see their students’ smiling faces again.

“Aloha” and “Miss you” were written on the car of one teachers from Indian Trail Elementary. Other cars were decorated with balloons and other signs, telling students teachers miss them.

It’s not a traditional parade with floats, but a parade nonetheless with smiling and waving kids watching their teachers behind the wheel.

“I saw a bunch of cars, looks like a parade, and I saw my teacher in it and that was really fun,” said Gabe Webbcambpell, a student at Indian Trail Elementary.

Sheri Kight, a fourth grade teacher, was inspired to hold a teacher’s parade when she saw others do it across the nation. This was just one way they were able to see their students from a distance, in person, rather than online.

“It’s hard on us. We miss them. Even though many of us have been video chatting with our classes, we still, there’s just the disconnect is there,” Kight said.

Kids seeing their teachers after school closed down made the them really happy.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them,” said student Alexa Berend.

First grade teacher Jennifer Johnston was one instructor behind the wheel. She said it was great to see the families out there.

“Just kind of spread a little joy where we can,” she said.

It’s been hard for her and the others who haven’t seen their students.

“I got a little teary at one point. It’s, we’re used to caring for these kids day in and day out and to have that just stop so abruptly was hard and I didn’t really realize how hard it was until I was actually seeing them,” Johnston said.

Seeing the kids’ happy faces in person by holding a parade will keep them and the teachers going for a little bit longer.

“It was a lot of fun and I’m so glad we did it. If we can just see a couple of the faces here and there, I think it was all totally worth it,” Johnston said.