Independent Truckers Remain On Strike

MADRID, Spain (AP) — Spain’s government has told striking truck drivers to get back to work, and warned those who are continuing the strike that they have no chance of winning.

The Madrid government signed an agreement last night with a number of non-striking truckers unions. The deal includes tax relief and other measure to ease the impact of soaring fuel costs, but it doesn’t contain a key demand wanted by the independent drivers who refuse to sign: minimum rates for their services.

One government minister says that demand “is not going anywhere.”

The interior minister is promising police escorts for any truckers who return to the road.

The strike has had an impact. Auto plants have been idled by a lack of parts. Many stands in Madrid’s main market are empty because there have been only a few trucks arriving with fresh fruit and produce. A grocery store clerk says there has been a wave of panic buying this week.