Immigration ban has Spokane Muslim community outraged

Immigration ban has Spokane Muslim community outraged

President Trump’s recent immigration and refugee ban has Spokane’s Muslim community speaking out.

Many members of the Muslim community say this is an attack on their religion. Muslim American Charles Moore took part in Sunday’s protest in downtown Spokane, promoting his stance against President Trump’s immigration ban .

Moore is involved in the Muslim community in Spokane. He volunteers to help refugees.

“We go through World Relief and go out of our way with Muslim brothers and sisters to help further assist when we can,” said Moore.

Friday, President Donald Trump signed an order banning travel from seven Muslim majority countries for 90 days and suspending all refugee admission for 120 days.

“Before the ban was enforced there weer about 20 more families going to come here in Spokane alone,” said Moore.

Right now, Moore does not know what will happen with those 20 families. Even though President Trump has said this is a ban against terrorism, not religion, Moore disagrees.

“It definitely appears that he is signaling out Muslims, you know, from all over the country, all over the world, you know, American people have the right to help refugees out, but now he’s in office and all of a sudden executive order is to ban or restrict refugee process here. So obviously, there is a overtone of prejudice there,” said Moore.

And he hopes the Muslim community stays strong.

“Showing them there is nothing to fear as far as engaging with Muslims on day to day basis because we integrate very well,” said Moore.