‘Ignore those dates’: Spokane County gives tips on how to reduce food waste

Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

SPOKANE, Wash. — You may want to think twice about tossing your food just because of the expiration date.

Spokane County’s Solid Waste Services says Americans create 40 million tons of food waste every year. They hope Spokane can help ease this problem by following some simple tips.

They recommend not storing your milk on your refrigerator’s door. They say it could cause it to spoil quicker, and you should instead store all your dairy products in the back of the fridge to keep them fresh longer.

They also advise you to ignore food expiration dates. Since manufacturers do not know the exact date for when their products expire, they ask you use your best judgment when determining if a product is expired. Often times the expiration date is much earlier than when the food actually spoils.

Another tip they gave is to soak your berries in water and vinegar. They say if you mix your berries in three parts water and one part vinegar, it rids the berries of bacteria and will make them last much longer.

Other suggestions include freezing the foods you know you can’t eat in time and avoid buying more than what you need at grocery stores.

Check out all the city’s food-saving tips on their website.

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