If you live in bear country, here’s a few reminders to stay safe

Grizzly Bear
Photo courtesy of Dylan May

If you are camping or spending time outdoors in the Inland Northwest, there is the possibility that you run into a bear.

With that in mind, there are some safety measures the Idaho Fish and Game Panhandle Region wants to remind you of when dealing with bears.

Here are some reminders from the Idaho Fish and Game Panhandle Region.

• Electric fences are the most effective deterrent for grizzly bears. If you have livestock, secure them overnight in a barn or corral them in an electrified fence.
• Properly dispose of attractants, including trash, animal carcasses, compost, livestock feed and beehives.
• Securely store food, garbage and other attractants in a bear-resistant place.
• Keep pet food secured as you do your own. Bears like pet food as much as your pet does.
• Avoid filling bird feeders until wintertime.
• Do not bury or throw garbage into the nearby woods.
• Make sure to clean your grills and keep them in a building, if possible.

If you find yourself in the presence of a bear, here is what IFGPR says to do.

• Never approach bears, always stay at least 300 feet away.
• Do not interrupt bear activities.
• Never feed bears.
• Carry bear spray and know how to use it.
• Never run if you encounter a bear.

You can find more information HERE.

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