IDFG relocates cow and calf moose from city of Kendrick

KENDRICK, Idaho – Idaho Fish and Game officials recently relocated a cow and calf moose from Kendrick city limits after the animals showed signs of agitation. 

The agency received reports of the moose in town and kept in contact with the city of Kendrick to monitor their behavior and location. 

Moose often roam through towns and lower elevations in the winter to avoid deep snow. It’s also a way for them to find food in the form of expensive landscaping, fruit trees or agricultural feed. 

Oftentimes, moose will leave on their own accord. In this case, however, they did not want to leave. 

IDFG officials decided it was best to relocate them after they showed some signs of aggression to trail walkers. 

“When it comes to human-wildlife interaction, public safety is the first priority,” said Clearwater Region supervisor JJ Teare.

IDFG staff safely darted the animals and moved them to a new area. 

Moose, like all other big game animals, are wild and highly unpredictable. They can often appear friendly and non-threatening, but their behavior can change in an instant. It is always best to keep your distance from any wild creature, especially moose. 

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