Idaho plan to save wildlife gets OK from federal officials

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Maxbatt / Wikimedia Commons

Federal authorities have approved Idaho’s wildlife conservation plan that allows the state to seek federal money to bolster mainly nongame species and avoid potential listings under the Endangered Species Act.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in a letter received by state officials last week signed off on Idaho’s 1,500-page Wildlife Action Plan that identifies 205 species of concern.

Those species include already-listed grizzly bears and salmon to imperiled sage grouse, monarch butterflies and the magnum mantleslug, which hasn’t been verified in Idaho since a dead one was found 2013.

Idaho has received about $550,000 annually under its previous plan developed in 2005.

Fish and Wildlife’s Kathy Hollar says Idaho did a great job identifying species of greatest concern and prioritizing what actions need to occur to help them.