Idaho in-state tuition sixth lowest in the country

University Of Idaho Administration Building
David Harlan // Wikimedia Commons

IDAHO — The College Board’s Trends in College Pricing ranked Idaho as the sixth least expensive state for average in-state tuition and fees at public four-year institutions.

Last year, Idaho was ranked seventh.

According to the College Board, the annual cost of people who live in Idaho and go to an Idaho public institution is $8,178. This is 5.6 percent less than what it was last year and 5.8 percent down than what it was five years ago.

“Getting a college education at an Idaho public institution is a great bargain,” State Board of Education President Kurt Liebich said. “The College Board ranking is due to the belt-tightening occurring on all of our campuses as a result of the tuition freeze enacted by the State Board three years ago. I commend our institution presidents, administrators, faculty and staff for all they’ve done to strategically prioritize programs, streamline operations and cut costs, making college or career technical education affordable and attainable for the people of Idaho.”

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