Idaho House clears tax conformity bill

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Maxbatt / Wikimedia Commons

The Idaho House has approved aligning the state’s tax code with federal rules despite a handful of members once again objecting to the recognition of same-sex marriage.

The Idaho Legislature usually syncs the state’s tax code with the federal version each year to make it easier for residents and businesses to do their taxes. This includes allowing same-sex married couples to file jointly even though Idaho’s constitution includes a ban on same-sex marriage.

That ban was invalidated by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2014.

However, Republican Rep. Ron Nate of Rexburg and a handful of others have debated for year against conforming with federal law because it violates Idaho’s constitution.

House Minority Leader Mat Erpelding, a Democrat from Boise, argued Idaho’s same-sex marriage ban should be removed from the state constitution – a proposal legislative leadership has previously blocked.

The House passed HB355 on Wednesday. The measure now goes to the Senate for approval.