Idaho Fish and Game officers remove trash can lid from around doe’s neck

A mule deer doe in McCall with a trash can lid stuck on her neck.
Credit: IDFG

MCCALL, Idaho – Idaho Fish and Game officers were able to safely remove a trash can lid from around a doe’s neck. 

The McCall office received a flurry of calls about the mule deer and when staff went looking, they found she was wearing a large, metal lid. 

It was not very tight and was not affecting her ability to eat or move, so officers waited overnight to see if she could pull it off on her own. 

When she was unable to, they intervened. Officers used a dart gun to sedate the deer and remove the lid. 

IDFG said it came off easily and the deer woke up looking “no worse for the wear.” 

“We know that many Idaho residents who live in close proximity to wildlife value that opportunity, but it comes with some additional responsibilities to keep wildlife wild and out of trouble,” said Regional Communications Manager Brian Pearson. “This serves as a good reminder for the public to occasionally check their yards and remove anything that could entangle or attract wildlife.”

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