Idaho Fish and Game investigating 3 new bear attacks in N. Idaho

BONNER CO., Idaho – The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is investigating three separate incidents of bears attacking and killing livestock in North Idaho. 

All three attacks happened in late June. 

The first happened on June 24 when a grizzly killed a pig near Good Grief in Boundary County. 

The second and third incidents happened near Elmira in Bonner County. A grizzly killed a domestic pig on June 28 and four goats were killed the next day on a nearby property. 

IDFG experts could not confirm the species of bear responsible for killing the goats, but given the close proximity to the previous attack, it is likely the same grizzly bear. 

These recent attacks come on the heels of two grizzly attacks near Naples in early April. Just last week, hunters killed a grizzly in self-defense in the Ruby Creek drainage.

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The department was able to give the affected landowners electric fencing to secure their remaining livestock. IDFG also set multiple traps in an attempt to capture the bears. 

If grizzlies are successfully trapped at the location of any of the attacks, staff will check for lip tattoos and ear tags to determine whether or not they have been encountered before. 

In addition, wildlife experts will collect biological data. If they are relocated, a GPS collar will be placed on them for future tracking. 

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