Idaho Department of Fishing and Game warns residents not to bother moose


KOOTENAI CO., Idaho— The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is reminding residents in a Monday Facebook post to not approach wild moose if they enter their property.

The announcement follows multiple reports and social media posts of moose traveling through neighborhoods. While moose may appear docile at first, they can become aggressive quickly if felt threatened.

“A moose cow with calf is one of the most dangerous animals people can encounter in the Panhandle,” Regional Conservation Officer Craig Walker said in a release.

Additionally, the IDFG discourages people from feeding the moose snacks.

“We’ve had reports of people feeding hay, carrots, even hand-feeding peanuts to moose,” said Walker. “All of these foods, even the hay, are unnatural sources of winter nutrition and can hurt the animal’s digestive system.”

The IDFG encourages all to allow moose to move through residential areas undisturbed.