Idaho companies team up to ‘Give Cold Feet the Boot’

Idaho businesses are teaming up to give out free winter boots and socks to elementary school students.

The Idaho State Department of Education, healthcare company Optum Idaho and North 40 Outfitters are partnering for a new effort called ‘Give Cold Feet the Boot.’

For this endeavor, four Idaho schools were chosen to receive the donation of winter boots – Lakeside Elementary School, Heritage Academy, Donald D. Stalker Elementary School and Westside Elementary School.

Lakeside Elementary School will be getting their boots Tuesday afternoon, which will also come with a pair of socks, donated by North 40 Outfitters.

Optum Idaho also released a statement, saying:

Optum Idaho is committed to serving communities all throughout our state. Thousands of Idaho students arrive at school each morning with cold feet because they don’t have proper winter footwear, which threatens their ability to learn and puts a strain on dedicated teachers, administrators, counselors and support staff. Together with our partners, we are hoping to eliminate that problem this winter.