Ice fisherman reels in 31-pound northern pike on Hayden Lake

HAYDEN LAKE, Idaho — A North Idaho ice fisherman reeled in a big catch earlier this month.

Zach Nunemacher had to excercise both patience and skill, but managed to reel in a 31 pound, 46.5-inch northern pike on Hayden Lake.

“The fish made several good runs, which made Zach realize the power and size of the fish he had hooked. Once the fish reached the ice hole he knew it was a big fish,” said Nunemacher’s father, Mike. “Our first attempt to get the fish on ice failed and the fish swam off for another run. Zach patiently brough the fish back to the ice hole for the second time and we landed the fish. We high-fived and enjoyed the moment. What a perfect day on the ice.”

The fish did not break the current record, but the Idaho Department of Fish and Game said the pike was a great example of the unique trophy fishing opportunties that occur during the winter.

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