Zara Larsson felt ‘lost’ and considered quitting music in lockdown Content Exchange

Zara Larsson contemplated giving up her music career amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Swedish pop star felt “lost” not being able to play live and started to question whether she wanted to continue making music.

In a cover interview for the latest issue of Grazia Gazette: The Hamptons, she confessed: “Honestly, I felt a bit lost in the sauce during the whole corona year.

“I wasn’t performing live, I didn’t really have sessions, and I was like, Do I even like music? What do I want in this? I was really lost, and I just felt like, Maybe I don’t wanna do music. Maybe I actually don’t really think it’s fun. I was just asking myself all these questions.”

However, after playing with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra for a radio gig in April, the ‘Ain’t My Fault’ hitmaker soon realised she wasn’t over music, but just missed singing on stage.

The 23-year-old star added: “I was on stage singing with them. I was like, Nah, I love music.”

“I love to sing. That’s really what it comes down to. I love to sing so much.”

Meanwhile, Zara has teased that her follow-up to March’s ‘Poster Girl’ is “very deep”, with a vibe of going to Mars and leaving “mankind behind” to party with Drake in space.

She explained: “I say to my friends and producers and writers, I’m like, ‘Let’s imagine we’re going to Mars. How are we feeling? How are we feeling when we walk to the rocket?’ And it’s, like, pretty dramatic.

“I want a little drama. I also wanna be able to dance. I want to go to space and leave mankind behind. And it’s quite sad, because you can’t come back, but you’re also quite hopeful because you’re starting a new chapter for humanity. It’s, like, very deep. Also, when we go into space and you’ve left all your friends and family behind, yeah, you’re hopeful, but you’re also going to a place where Drake is at, and he’s gonna have a dance party at this new planet. So that’s the vibe.”

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