Voters in five states considering legal cannabis | Here Weed Go! podcast

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It’s that time of year again: election season!

In less than a week, five states around the country will have the opportunity to join the legal cannabis club: Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, North Dakota and South Dakota. And in Arizona, local elections could have potential consequences for how both the medical and recreational programs run and operate.

To get a little higher and more enlightened about these election developments, I’m joined by Justin Strekal, former national director of politics for NORML (the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws) and Jon Udell, the current interim co-director of Arizona NORML.

We talk about if party really matters when it comes to getting cannabis legislation passed at both the federal and state levels, where legalization is on the ballot this season, and what the Biden Administration’s announcement to pardon past charges and consider cannabis’s current scheduling status means for federal policy going forward.

Our conversations kicks off with Strekal talking about his current work with BOWL Pac (Better Organizing to Win Legalization) a marijuana-centric political action committee.