Unreal star Constance Zimmer has a lucky four-leaf clover

Unreal Star Constance Zimmer Has A Lucky Four Leaf Clover
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Constance Zimmer has a lucky four-leaf clover.

The ‘Unreal’ star keeps the plant – which is a rare variation of the three-leaf clover considered to bring luck to whoever finds it – in her wallet at all times to bring good fortune. The clover is decades old and was discovered by her grandmother in Germany.

She said: “One of my favourite mementos is this four-leaf clover my grandmother found in Germany over 40 years ago that’s taped to a piece of paper. I carry it in my wallet.”

Constance – who would leave America and spend entire summers with her grandmother when she was growing up – shared some other secrets about her life in the Us Weekly magazine feature 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me, such as that her favourite hobby is making bread “from scratch” even though “it’s a 12-hour process”.

The former ‘House of Cards’ actress revealed that she scours beaches for heart-shaped pebbles and shells and brings them back to her home.

She said: “I look for heart-shaped rocks or shells on every beach I visit and have accrued quite a collection.”

Constance, 50, also confessed to being an “organising freak” who doesn’t have a messy drawer in her entire house.

She said: “I’m an organising freak. There isn’t a drawer or closet that I can’t organise into perfection.

“One of my favourite organising hacks is to put wooden clothespins on folded jeans with their size and style written in Sharpie, so you don’t have to pull them down to know.”

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