To Honor National LEGO Day, Take a Look at the Top 10 Lego Sets from 2021


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Building a LEGO set is just the right mix of entertaining and challenging—and the more the product lines evolve, the greater their level of detail. Kids and adults of all ages can spend hours snapping together the bright-colored bricks to yield a magnificent model—the more pieces, the better. Lego enthusiasts agree that there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the fully assembled finished project.

Across multiple decades, the multibillion-dollar international toy company has crafted some iconic LEGO sets for boys, LEGO sets for girls, and LEGO sets for adults based on blockbuster film franchises like “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” and world-renowned architectural points like The Eiffel Tower in France, and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

To honor another fantastic year of creative play on National LEGO Day (Jan. 28), here’s a look at the Top 10 Lego Sets from 2021.

10. LEGO Creator Expert Assembly Square

LEGO released the intricately detailed Creator Assembly Square to honor the 10th Anniversary of its Modular Building Series. With just over 4,000 pieces, the set includes:

  • Eight minifigures.

  • Multiple shops.

  • A dance studio.

  • Apartments.

  • A dentist’s office.

  • An outdoor café complete with a busker-playing guitar for passersby on the corner.

9. LEGO Porsche 911

Adult model builders and car enthusiasts alike can get excited about the LEGO Porsche 911 kit. In a fun twist, you can choose to build one of two cars—the Porsche 911 Turbo or the Porsche 911 Targa. The kit contains 1,458 pieces, and the designs are full of true-to-life details like angled headlights, the distinctive 911 shape, a working gear shift, tilting seats, and more.

8. LEGO Art World Map

LEGO wouldn’t be one of the most popular toy brands on the planet without continually expanding its product lines. New for 2021 is the stunning LEGO Art World Map. The kit has 11,695 pieces and an accompanying audio soundtrack for a more immersive experience. This finished wall hanging undoubtedly makes an amazing display and conversation piece.

7. LEGO Creator Expert Colosseum

LEGO pays tribute to one of the Seven Wonders of the World with its extraordinary model of the Roman Colosseum. The highly detailed set has 9,036 pieces, three stories, and the legendary columns of the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian orders. Hours of enjoyment await the builder who accepts this exquisite challenge.

6. LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian, The Razor Crest

Star Wars LEGO sets continue to expand in tandem with the iconic global film franchise. This set is based on the heroic warrior The Mandalorian and The Razor Crest Starship. The spacecraft features a two-LEGO minifigure cockpit, a working cargo hold, shooters, and other weapons for builders to engage with and stretch their imaginations. The kit boasts 1,023 pieces and easily combines with other Star Wars sets.

5. LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith

Builders can transport themselves back to Medieval times with this LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith playset. The building stands an impressive three levels high and includes a removable roof to access “a furnished bedroom, kitchen, and workshop.” The kit features four minifigures: the blacksmith, archer, and two knights. The set also has animals—a horse, dog, and treefrog—and a LEGO light brick to make the blacksmith forge glow.


This jaw-dropping LEGO NINJAGO City Gardens model celebrates LEGO NINJAGO’S 10th Anniversary. The set has five tiers that contain multiple rooms, including an ice cream shop, a ninja control room, a museum, and Chen’s Noodle House restaurant. The kit has 5,685 pieces and includes a whopping 19 minifigures for limitless active play.

3. LEGO Bonsai Tree Set for Adults

LEGO designers are incredibly skilled at capturing extremely minute details in a wide range of building sets. The stunning LEGO Bonsai Tree Set is a perfect example. Anyone who has nurtured a living Bonsai tree will appreciate this playset version’s intentional and unique bending and twisting. Builders can decorate the tree with green leaves or pretty pink cherry blossoms.

2. LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System

Heads up, gaming fans! Two entertainment worlds collide with this astounding replica of a retro Nintendo Entertainment System, a controller, game cartridge, and an ‘80s era TV set that displays a LEGO version of Nintendo’s legendary Super Mario game—that actually scrolls—on its screen. There are no words for how cool this kit is!

1. LEGO Disney Castle

There’s no question that the magnificent LEGO Disney Castle set deserves the No. 1 spot on the Top 10 Lego Sets of 2021. Minifigures Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, and Tinkerbell await guests who enter the magical four-story castle with a five-story tower that honors Disney’s land of make-believe. The kit has 4,080 pieces and too many intricate elements to count.

If you’re looking for hours of stress-free entertainment, try tackling one of these stunning LEGO building sets, and let the fun begin.