The Utterly Moderate podcast: Promoting Dignity & Civility (with Rosalind Wiseman)

Rosalind Wiseman joins the Utterly Moderate Podcast to discuss her work promoting dignity and civility among young Americans.

Wiseman is the author of a number of books, including Defending Ourselves, Queen Bees & Wannabees, and Masterminds & Wingmen.

The movie Mean Girls, which starred Lindsay Lohan and Rachal McAdams, was actually based on Queen Bees & Wannabees.

Wiseman is the co-founder and chief content officer of the organization Cultures of Dignity, which works with communities across the country to promote young people’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

On this episode we discuss the importance of social and emotional learning, promoting a culture of dignity and civility, the pitfalls of too much tech and social media, the impact of the pandemic on young people, Wiseman’s forthcoming book (Courageous Discomfort) dealing with how to have constructive conversations about difficult topics like racism, and more.

As a bonus, we also discuss an extremely embarrassing story from Ali’s past!

Quote of the episode (from Rosalind): “Be easy on people, hard on ideas.”