The state of the economy, political news and key court cases | Hot off the Wire podcast

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We’re going to look at three topics this week: The state of the economy, political news and several key court cases.

In this first segment, we open with Cyber Monday and concerns of a potential rail strike. Those concerns ended late in the week when Congress intervened after negotiations between the two sides stalled. We also look at inflation and a jobs report.

In this second segment, we look at several key political stories including gun control, protection for same-sex marriage, former President Donald Trump’s controversial dinner guests and election news.

Finally, in this third segment, we review court cases of national interest including the trial of the Oath Keepers’ founder, a plea by the shooter in the Buffalo supermarket massacre and the Supreme Court’s plan to take up the Biden administration’s plans to forgive some student loans.

— Compiled and narrated by Terry Lipshetz from Associated Press reports