The election and cannabis as a replacement for opioids | Here Weed Go! podcast

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Host Eddie Celaya delivers a special episode.

First, he provides some breaking cannabis news: Maryland and Missouri voters approved recreational adult-use cannabis programs in their respective states. 

Plus, five counties in Texas voted to effectively decriminalize cannabis use and halt most enforcement of prohibition within their borders. Similar adult-use measures in Arkansas, North Dakota and South Dakota were defeated.

The episode then shifts to a special episode on some of the latest research and findings on cannabis and it’s possible use as a replacement for (or a supplement to) opioids.

To learn a little more about the subject, Celaya spoke with Benjamin Land, Research Associate Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Washington.

The conversation touches on how both opioids and cannabinoids like THC and CBD affect the body, how cannabis might be able to help fight different kinds of pain, and how cannabinoids and opioids might be used in concert with each other.


Read Benjamin Land’s piece from The Conversation:

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