The AP has ranked the top 25 movies of 2022. See what topped the list, plus fun facts behind the picks.

With hundreds of new movies released each year, many of us depend on the expertise of film critics to help curate our own watching — a thoroughly communal yet deeply personal experience.

To honor the supporting role that entertainment journalism can play in this beloved pastime, The Associated Press on Thursday unveiled its inaugural AP Top 25 Movies list.

The AP Top 25 Movies ranking is a distinctive honor roll of films released in 2022, as determined by a truly representative panel of 26 of the U.S.’ smartest movie experts working for AP-affiliated news outlets.

Read the full stories here, then keep scrolling for a fun list of facts about this year’s rankings:





Here’s a look at the money, the minutes, the men and women, the minutiae and the many, many animals involved in the best movies of 2022:



Long time entertainment reporter, and current editor at the Sioux City Journal, Bruce Miller, is joined by co-host Chris Lay and extra special guest Jared McNett, to wrap up their year-end collection of episodes with a conversation about the absolute very best films of the year.