Sophia Bush mourns co-star Markie Post: ‘She made me feel invincible’ Content Exchange

Sophia Bush is “devastated” and “heartbroken” following the death of Markie Post.

The ‘There’s Something About Mary’ actress passed away on Saturday (08.07.21) at the age of 70, after battling cancer for three years and 10 months.

And Sophia has now paid tribute to the star, who played her on-screen mother in ‘Chicago P.D.’, in a moving Instagram post.

She wrote: “My sweet sweet Markie… I don’t have the words. Devastated comes to mind. Crushed. Heartbroken. This woman. This ray of sunshine. Pure light. And goodness.

“Markie Post was a TV icon. Bold. Funny. Always in on the joke, usually before the rest of the room. Always holding a deeper perspective on a character’s reality than what was on the page.

“When I lived in a box that made it deeply difficult to be a woman who could exist as one … and … breathe? Markie came in with arms to envelop me and eyes that fired both kindness and lightning storms into the room as she held me, and likewise called other women into her safe space. She did it all with a smile and a laugh, and with more wisdom than most of us could ever hope to learn or muster. (sic)”

Sophia, 39, went on to reminisce on the time she and Markie spent together on the NBC action series.

She continued: “I loved her on ‘Night Court’. I blushed when she came to ‘Chicago’. To play MY onscreen mom!? And I loved her in our hair and makeup trailer and at cozy dinners over endless laughter and as I watched her eyes light up when she spoke of her husband and her daughters. When she called me an ‘uncommon woman’ I melted.

“Markie was the kind of set momma who made you feel invincible and gave you permission to be vulnerable and tender. I’ll never forget that mystical power. That rare duality.

“We spoke about getting each of our overlapping onscreen families together. @hilarieburton, @tylerhilton, and @meganparkithere. That overlap!? We LOVED how lucky we’d been to share two TV families. And then life, different locations, and a pandemic got in the way. I will forever curse the missed opportunity of that reunion dinner we hadn’t had just yet. (sic)”

And Sophia closed her post by reminding her followers to “hug” the people they love, as well as sending a message to Markie’s family.

She wrote: “Hug the people you love. Don’t say ‘we’ll do it soon, honey.’ Dont wait until everyone is “back in town and it’s easy.” Do it now. Make the trek. Don’t miss your moments.

“To her family? Michael. Kate. Daisy. The ones she lit UP when she spoke of? The ones who put a twinkle and a sparkle in her eye? Man oh man she loved you. Man oh man am I sorry to see her go. How grateful I am that you shared her with me. That I got to borrow her and her boundless heart. Thank you, forever. (sic)”

Markie’s death was confirmed by her manager Ellen Lubin Sanitsky, and plans for a memorial service are currently being finalized.

This article originally ran on Content Exchange