Sheryl Crow: ‘Surviving breast cancer redefined who and how I am’

Sheryl Crow: ‘surviving Breast Cancer Redefined Who And How I Am’ Content Exchange

Sheryl Crow says surviving breast cancer “redefined” her.

The 59-year-old singer/songwriter was diagnosed with a form of breast cancer in 2006, and says the illness and recovery – which came at the same time as her split with cyclist Lance Armstrong – made her finally start putting herself first.

She told The Guardian newspaper: “Surviving breast cancer redefined who and how I am, although I’m not sure I’d recommend it. Until then, I’d spent a lifetime being a caretaker for everyone around me. From then, I started to put myself first. I had voices at the back of my head telling me whatever I did wasn’t good enough. Now, finally, I’ve silenced them.”

And Sheryl revealed she had a near death experience eight years ago, when the car she was travelling in was “skimmed” by a speeding vehicle.

She said: “Eight years ago I was driving down a country road when a speeding car came zooming right at us. I swerved as best I could, and the other driver skimmed us. My friends and I sat in silence as death passed by. I think a lot about why we were spared. I just thank the angels.”

Sheryl – who has been engaged three times – raises her sons Levi and Wyatt alone but admitted she would love a partner to join their family.

She said: “If I knew the secret to a happy relationship, I wouldn’t have been engaged three times while somehow ending up single. I’ve had amazing relationships, have loved and been loved, but I’ve had a weird life with a job that kept me travelling. I’m content and happy, but would I like someone to join our little family? Of course.”

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