Saweetie: I’m afraid of childbirth

Saweetie: I’m Afraid Of Childbirth Content Exchange

Saweetie has “always been afraid” to have a child.

The 26-year-old music star – who has been dating fellow rapper Quavo since 2018 – has confessed to having a big fear of childbirth.

She said: “The one thing I want to do but have always been afraid to is have a kid.

“So one time on Twitter (you know how Twitter can be the black hole of internet) I saw a woman pushing out a baby. I knew that it happens, but I had never seen it like that before and it was traumatic.”

Saweetie – whose real name is Diamonte Harper – feels that having young parents herself made her “independent” at an early age.

She told E! News: “I think what had the biggest impact on my life is having young parents because it made me independent at a young age which prepared me for adulthood.”

The ‘My Type’ hitmaker got her stage name thanks to her grandmother, and the chart-topping star admits it’s “crazy” that the name has stuck for so long.

Saweetie explained: “My nickname growing up was Saweetie because that’s what my grandma called me, and it’s crazy that her pet name became my stage name. She called me that because I’m her sweetie.”

The rapper’s grandmother has actually been one of her biggest influences.

The music star said: “My mentors are my grandma and my manager Uncle Louis because they have so much game and wisdom. They always steer me in the right direction.”

Saweetie is a self-confessed “car girl” and she’d love to add to her impressive collection.

She shared: “The next thing I hope (and know) I’ll get is a Bugatti. I’m a car girl and I’d love to add to the selection. I know I just got a Bentley but a Bugatti is my dream of dream cars.

“I’d like to believe in another life I was a NASCAR driver. Purses are cool but I definitely want an elaborate car selection.”

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