Rose Byrne witnessed ‘unaccepable male behaviour’ on set

Rose Byrne Witnessed ‘unaccepable Male Behaviour’ On Set Content Exchange

Rose Byrne has seen “unacceptable” behaviour from men on “several” of her projects.

The ‘Physical’ actress – who has sons Rocco, five, and Rafa, three, with partner Bobby Cannavale – thinks it’s “weird” she’s never been subjected to unwanted advances but she has been a witness to sexual misconduct at work.

She said: “I’ve witnessed unacceptable male behaviour on several shows. Weirdly, I’ve kind of escaped it, but I’ve been on the fringes of it, and I feel pretty lucky that I’ve not ever had the sort of brushes that a lot of other actresses have.”

Rose also hit out at the “constant public scrutiny” women face for their appearances but she tries to ignore the comments.

She told The Times magazine: “I find the constant public scrutiny of the female form totally unacceptable. The only time I’ve really had that is when I was pregnant. I found it incredibly invasive. But I try my best to just shut it out.”

The 41-year-old actress has found parenthood “profoundly challenging” and admitted most of her “grief” comes from feeling like a failure in certain aspects of being a mother.

She said: “Motherhood has been profoundly challenging. It has changed everything and informs every decision I make.

“The biggest grief I feel in life is about the failures I feel as a parent, and whatever issues I’ve dragged in from my own nonsense. But like life, parenting is messy.”

The ‘Bridesmaids’ actress is worried about the long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: The impact of the pandemic is going to take a long time to unpack. Bobby has lost close friends and I had a very close friend who was critically ill, so it has touched our lives and I get upset thinking about it.

“I’ve also learnt a huge amount from my children’s resilience. They go to school, they wear the mask, they don’t complain.

“I still feel in limbo with the world. I don’t know how things are going to unfold and life feels very much one day at a time.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, we had a whole year planned and then everything went out the window and living has become this lesson in patience. I’m just grateful that we’re here and we’re safe.”

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