Ricky Gervais plans a David Brent cover album

Ricky Gervais Plans A David Brent Cover Album
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Ricky Gervais plans to make a cover album of David Brent’s songs with real pop stars to mark the 20th anniversary of ‘The Office’.

The 59-year-old actor starred as the iconic character in the hit sitcom, and he’s eager to record an album in recognition of the anniversary.

Ricky – who co-created the sitcom and the 2016 movie ‘David Brent: Life on the Road’ – wrote on Twitter: “This year marks the 20th anniversary of David Brent hitting our screens. I was thinking of getting real pop stars to cover some of his songs. Who should do which songs? Have a think. Someone’s put up the whole #LifeOnTheRoad album on Youtube for free BTW https://youtube.com/watch?v=DN1-_M7oWDM&list=PL6p8LbpVclkQvIvNbRxrPlcZvv3Rw5lPe (sic)”

Ricky released the ‘Life on the Road’ soundtrack in 2016, to coincide with the movie’s launch.

The actor worked with the likes of Chris Martin of Coldplay and Andy Burrows during the recording sessions.

‘The Office’ first aired on the BBC in 2001, and is widely considered to be one of the best British sitcoms of all time.

Ricky previously confessed to enjoying “every moment” of making the show and admitted it marked the first time he’d “tried hard” at anything.

He explained: “I enjoyed every moment of it. I enjoyed the result and I enjoyed the pride. I also realised in retrospect that I didn’t enjoy all those things because of how good I thought it had turned out.

“I enjoyed it because of how hard it was.”

Ricky actually admitted that before making ‘The Office’, he just relied on his quick wit and intelligence to see him through life.

The comedy star shared: “I suppose I was always creative. I did start 20 novels, and then went, ‘Ah, too hard,’ and went to the bar.”

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