Ray Liotta hasn’t watched Field of Dreams

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Ray Liotta has never watched ‘Field of Dreams’.

The 66-year-old actor starred in the 1989 baseball film as ‘Shoeless’ Joe Jackson but admits the picture brings back bad memories as his mother was in poor health with cancer at the time.

Ray told The Guardian newspaper: “It’s just a personal thing that happened.

“My mom was sick when we went to see it, so we didn’t stay the whole time so it’s not something I want to do. It’s on TV a lot, but I just pass over it. I’ve no desire. That’s it.”

The ‘Cop Land’ star previously recalled how he had sat down to watch the film with his mother, but she was in such poor health at the time that “she couldn’t really enjoy herself so we left and I just equate it with that.”

Ray’s mother passed away when he was filming Martin Scorsese’s acclaimed gangster flick ‘Goodfellas’ and the actor admitted that his grief inspired elements of his performance as Henry Hill.

The star also revealed that he has only seen the 1990 crime movie a handful of times.

Ray said: “Once. Well, twice, I’ve just seen it now. Because I saw it… with my daughter at a film festival. It was on the big screen, so just to share that with her.

“But, no, if it’s on TV, I’ll pass it. I’ll skip it. I don’t stop and like, ‘Oh, my movie is on’ and watch.”

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